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Dihantui Guna Guna (2015)

Genre: Horror
Quality: TahunDurasi94 MinView: 128 views

Four young Linda (Melody Prima), Billy (Simon Rama), Ramzi (Taufan Himalay) and Dave (Avip Pard) joined the ghost hunter club JAKARTA GHOST SEEKERS (JGS) got a new case cleaning the house of Agnes (Any Kusuma Dewi) who was haunted . This beautiful widow is very worried that this will disturb the recovery of her oldest daughter Sabrina (Glencha Chysara) who is seriously ill; accompanied by Iyem (Yatti Surahman) and his younger sister Megi (Alisha). JGS found that there was a great problem more than a ghost disorder. Event after event gave a big mystery clue that turned out to be related to Sabrina himself. They asked for help from Mama Marina who had an inner vision for this problem. JGS and Merina began to see the bright spots of what happened to Sabrina was the practice of cruel use. Based on a book they found JGS began to uncover this mystery.


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